Who are we?

ChiraTecnics was founded in 2009 by Prof. Anthony Burke as a spin-out from the University of Évora, with the aim to manufacture and commercialise ligands, building blocks and catalysts for chiral synthesis.

Whilst the company still offers this portfolio to clients, it now mainly focuses on custom synthesis programmes to support medicinal chemistry and drug discovery projects for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It is led by a strong international team and has access to all vital equipment to implement our projects.



Oct 2021

The Nobel Prize went to List and MacMillan for their discovery of "Asymmetric OrganoCatalyzed Reactions", an activity that Chiratecnics is involved in. For more info see: 


September 2021

We are really pleased with our recent publication in J. Org. Chem. Recent Advances in Asymmetric Hydrogenation Catalysis Utilizing Spiro and Other Rigid C-Stereogenic Phosphine Ligands | The Journal of Organic Chemistry (acs.org)

April 2021

We have updated out catalogue with 4 new organocatalysts for aminoorganocatalysis: they are CTOrgCat6, CTOrgCat7, CTOrgCat8 and CTOrgCat9.  

December 2020

We are currently running a production campaign for Bis(diphenylphosphine)pyrrolidine, PyrPhos (CTCL1 and CTCL1') please contact us for a quote. We can provide in multigram quantities.

November 2020

Our molecule of the month is DioxPhos (CTCL2); a great substitute for DIOP. Have you screened it in your hydrogenations? We can provide in multigram quantities.


September 2020

We can provide multi-gram quantities of our aminoacid building block CTSBB1 (See our small building blocks list and also check Tetrahedron 69, 10091-10097 (2013)). 

June 2020

We are one of the sponsors of the forthcoming ISySyCat21 conference. See: http://isysycat2021.events.chemistry.pt/ 











Did you Know?


The CRO Market for API and other chemicals is buzzing at the moment.

Revenues in 2010 were $11.43 billion and it is estimated to reach $20.09 billion in 2020. Pharma is outsourcing more and more business to competent CROs.


Our mission is to provide



  • ChiraTecnics is a privately owned CRO with lab installations in the Alentejo Science and Technology Park (PCTA–Evora). We provide contract research services and high-added- value chemicals to the pharmaceutical and other industries. The company is already active in the market. We offer cutting edge chemical technologies, with extensive knowhow and experience, to rapidly respond to our customer’s needs applying the highest standards at the most affordable price. We also have access to an affordable highly qualified work- force. We pride ourselves on our openness, confidentiality and constant communication which is important for our customers and establishing mutual trust. We see our business as a fine art where we work with passion, creativity and flexibility to reliably meet the customers’ needs and expectations.